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Do you struggle to find the right software engineers or developers for your business?

Do many programmers take too long or fail to deliver what you are really looking for?

Do they talk in overly technical ways or fail to understand your business processes properly?

Steve Smith is a totally different kind of software developer!

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What others say about Steve's MANAGEMENT and TEAM BUILDING skills
"Steve was a fantastic person to have in charge of IT. He trusted the department to deliver support and value to the business, and provided support and resource to ensure it always did. He was open to any idea and had great strategic vision, and because of this he was widely respected by those who worked with and for him."
Ben Ward, Field Technologist, Principal SE @ IGEL; Citrix & VMware Alumni

Financial Systems Specialist

Steve Smith spent his initial working life as a financial systems auditor, carefully documenting processes, whether manual or computerised, and carrying out internal control evaluations for a wide range of business types including prestigious clients such as Halifax Building Society (now Halifax Bank).

During this time he worked with programmers to develop new computer assisted audit techniques, previously thought too difficult to implement, and he also discovered one client's systems flaw saving them over £1/4 million.

As he discovered in later years, while he met many talented software developers, their understanding of the core business systems that they were coding for, was usually lacking.

Steve on the other hand had a firm foundation in how systems should be designed and necessary controls incorporated.

Working Worldwide

Steve then moved out of pure systems audit work into senior financial roles within a number of private and public companies.

Here, he travelled widely in the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, India and Singapore where he was frequently involved in setting up new systems for automating and integrating various business processes.

One of these implementations (with Mabey Hire) is described in more detail in the projects section below.

Career change

As a frequent ‘customer’ of software development teams, Steve grew more and more interested in the development work itself; so in 2013 he started a full time degree course in Computer Science.

Since then, Steve has been following his passion for developing tightly-controlled, cloud-based software solutions for business.

In addition to holding a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science, Steve was awarded the British Computer Society – Chartered Institute For IT prize for the best overall performance on that programme.

Further details of the major software development projects he has undertaken is given in the individual case studies in the projects section below.

Steve is happy to undertake any type of development project, large or small, complex or basic.

If you have a business systems software issue you need resolving, or if you have some development work that you need doing, contact Steve Smith Solutions today.

What others say about Steve's TRAINING and COMMUNICATION skills
"Steve's interactive style with the students, the examples (of his own making) he has presented and his proactive approach were very impressive. Probably this was one of the best series of tutorials ever delivered given that the material is rather complex for first year students."
Dr. Attila Csenki, University of Bradford

Case studies


The project was to build and deploy a collaborative cloud-based system for the data and files relating to multiple construction projects owned by multiple customers and involving multiple organisations and users with varying roles and access rights.

It included document revision history, document approvals, time and cost project control information, processes around issue of construction drawings and bids for work, as well as an ‘at a glance’ dashboard with graphical information.



The project involved the complete modernisation of a plant rental company’s front office and back office IT systems for up to 200 users across 18 sites nationwide.

The old systems were character based running on bespoke operating systems and databases. The requirement was to replace these with systems running on Windows platforms and MS SQL databases and linking into modern ‘Office’ type products.


The project was to build and deploy a scalable fully automated website where users could register and create accounts, upload details and photos of properties they had for sale or rent, placement of markers on maps and privately message other users about properties they were interested in.

Also, advertisers would be able to set up accounts, add text listing information or upload display adverts. The pricing was required to be fully automated, dependent upon number of properties in the appropriate area and other geographical factors. Payments for placing adverts was to be fully automated through a third party online payments provider.


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